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Lemons Center

for Chronic Pain Rehabilitation


 I finally felt like I was believed. The pain is still there, but it can be managed better using the tools. Using the tools, I have already been able to lower my blood pressure, decrease my anxiety, and laugh again. I was able to strengthen my faith in people and my faith in God. The staff is amazing. They went through some tough days with me and were always gracious and kind.


After going through the Lemons Center Comprehensive Program, I feel like I have HOPE again! I am doing things again that I thought I would never do. I finally felt heard and the staff was always so caring. My pain is not gone, but I am able to manage it by using my tools. It takes a lot of hard work and practice, but this program has changed my life in so many ways. Thank you Dr. Lemons and staff for giving me back some quality of life. I will forever be grateful.


My first day at the the Lemons Center, I felt like complete despair. Angry. I did not want to continue my life living in the conditions I was in.  After going through the Comprehensive Program, I feel like I have an opportunity to do some of the most basic things with my family that I didn't think I could. I have hope and a new lease on life. I now have tools that will allow me to do some of what I used to dream of doing. I am forever grateful to the staff for allowing me to grow at the pace I needed in order to progress and learn.


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