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A gift of a poem given by a graduate.

Pain and Stress, fatigue and depression

Level I check; these are just an impression

If a reading is high as I review my gauges

I’ll be sure to use my relaxation stages.

but you can’t just listen to your body

you also need to hear your heart

it’s important to take time for self reflection

after all, there is a mind – body connection

4 bad feelings follow chronic pain

but that makes sense. It’s all in the brain

sad, mad, scared, and guilt

now more manageable

since my security blanket

is now my security quilt

you gave me an O2 mask

and taught me how to wear it

now I need to use my smarts

and not just grin and bare it

shit happens in the city or the farm

oh well! Instead of damn it, I say darn

and if I need my shovel to get it all out

I’ll move it to the garden and watch beauty sprout

From bridging on the rubber ball

To stretching legs straight up the wall

With greater strength and range of motion

All through hard work, there is no potion

Mindi, Tiffany

Nancy and Lemons too

You have all changed my life

And this is my thank you

-Zach Morris

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