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Payment Options

Our Goal and Commitment

The Lemons Center has a long-term goal and commitment to provide high quality pain care for Clients while assisting them in meeting financial obligations. In addition, we understand the financial challenges clients face today. Accordingly, we do our best to provide the skill, knowledge and compassion to help clients solve their challenges.

Financial Assistance for Clients

The Lemons Center provides comprehensive payment options that are understandable, flexible and reasonable for each client’s circumstances. These options are outlined below for your review.

Insurance We Accept

We accept payment from:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas City
  • United Healthcare
  • Community Health Plan
  • Aetna
  • Most other major health insurance carriers

We also accept most workers compensation plans.

Private Pay:

The Lemons Center assists clients who are not insured; who are under insured or who do not want to use insurance to pay their financial obligation for care they received.

For those with insurance coverage, we assist them in making sure as much of their financial obligation at The Lemons Center is met by their carrier. This assistance includes making sure all forms and paperwork are completed and submitted efficiently to assure payment is received promptly.

In situations where clients will be required to pay a remaining balance or if they desire to pay their full balance out-of-pocket, The Lemons Center offers Private Pay options. These options allow the client to select the one that will best meet their personal financial circumstances with reasonable payments they can handle over the agreed upon payment period.

Again, The Lemons Center’s goal is to provide the best quality of pain care. Hand-in-hand with that goal is to treat clients fairly, respectfully, professionally and assist them with realistic options to meet their financial obligations timely, affordably for their individual circumstances.

Please call us at (913) 383-8977 for a complete listing of the insurance plans we accept or a review of our Private Pay program.