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Meet Our Staff


DrLemonsDr. Jim Lemons
Director and
Medical Psychologist

Dr. Jim Lemons received his doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Nebraska and has been a pioneer in the field of pain management ever since. Serving on the staff of the Mayo Clinic was the beginning of his work in the area of medical psychology. Dr. Lemons is a Kansas licensed psychologist and on the National Registry of Health Providers in Psychology. He also holds memberships in the American Academy of Pain Management, the American Pain Society and its affiliate the Midwest Pain Society. Dr. Lemons firmly believes that “effective care for people with medical problems requires optimal use of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources.”

Dr. Lemons is the recipient of the American Academy of Pain Management’s 2015 Continuing Education Excellence Award. This award recognizes the demonstration of his commitment to the field of pain management..


Physical Therapy

 AnnKarasekAnn Karasek
Physical Therapist
  Ann Karasek graduated from Northwestern University with a B.S. in Physical Therapy and Washington University in St. Louis with a Masters in Physical Therapy. She has over 30 years experience in a variety of clinical settings including over 10 years working with chronic pain. Ann is a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner; a former level 3 bicycle coach; and is a practitioner of both Yang Style Tai Chi and Tai Chi Fundamentals.


JaneWilliamsonJane Williamson
Physical Therapist Assistant
  Jane Williamson joined The Lemons Center staff in 2012. She is a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant with over 24 years of experience in a variety of healthcare settings.Jane enjoys helping our clients increase their daily activities and reach their therapy goals.


Nursing Care

PriscillaMaschlerPriscilla Maschler
Registered Nurse
  Priscilla Maschler has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and 25 years of nursing experience. She is a graduate of The Lemon Center’s program and knows firsthand from personal experience how the Center can teach someone to more effectively manage chronic pain and improve their quality of life.


Case Management

AnnClarkAnn Clark
Case Manager
  Ann Clark is the Case Manager for The Lemons Center. She brings over 20 years experience in the medical field as well as in business and administrative environments. She has worked with physicians in private practice and in hospital settings in the KC metro area.Ann’s role is to assist the Staff to work efficiently and effectively in reaching the goal of providing relief for all clients from their chronic pain and its harmful effects on their lives. She wholeheartedly believes in The Lemons Center’s multidiscipline, healthcare approach for clients. In addition, she is focused on helping each individual as they learn new tools to manage their chronic pain.



JoyceWelchJoyce Welch   Joyce Welch joined The Lemons Center in 2008. She has an accounting degree and has worked in the medical field for over 20 years.  She performs the day-to-day administrative functions for the office. She feels great empathy for those with chronic pain and illness and always tries to make their interactions with the office a pleasant one.