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How to Make an Appointment

JWelchThere are two ways to schedule your initial evaluation,

  1. You may call our office and we will collect pertinent demographic and insurance information. We will verify your benefits and assist you in obtaining any necessary referrals from your physician.
  2. You may contact your physician and request a referral to our office (either you or your doctor can print a referral form from our website, or contact our office and we can fax one). Upon receipt, we will contact you to schedule the appropriate type of evaluation.


Prior to your appointment, each patient is requested to fill out a Medical History form to bring to your initial appointment along with your insurance card(s) and a photo I.D. Please view and print out a copy of our Medical History Forms. (If you cannot print these forms, please call us at (913) 383-8977 to have them mailed to you).


After your evaluation, we will provide you with our recommendations for your personalized pain management program and we will send a report to your physician.